Here is the Cherry dresser !! She is beautiful, I found her a charm at first glance, even if she needed a little love ! Also a few weeks after finding this beauty, I found two chairs that I thought were meant to accompany Cherry in her next life.
Cherry was in a bad state … First of all, it was essential to sand it and since some of the furniture is wood and the other in faux wood panel, it gave a funny look. So we had to paint it. This color suits her perfectly.

🍒 Cherry and her Flowers 🌺

Set of 1 dresser and 2 chairs of a dark pink (cherry) Completely refurbished, they were sandblasted painted with milk paint and polished with an antique wax. In addition, the chairs were upholstered and covered in raw silk.

Chest of drawers: 27.5 in wide / 41.25 in high / 16 in

Chairs folder: 34 in tall / 16.5 wide Seating chairs: 18.5 in tall / 14 in deep

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